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Marivi and Pablo - La Matanza - Torre del Mar, Málaga - David

Just before easter week we were out having a bit of fun in Torre del Mar at a "matanza" so I took the camera along to grab some photos from the day and of all those that came along for some "buenos recuerdos"! It was a big weekend gig spread over both the Saturday and the Sunday. Great fun altogether and I am sure plenty of sore heads on both the Sunday and Monday mornings!

For all of those present at some stage during the weekend, I have created an online gallery where you can view the photos. You can also leave comments if you like. The gallery contains the original, uncompressed images and all are available for download in various sizes by selecting the size that you want and then right-clicking the photo and selecting download. The original size is available by selecting size "O" or Original to the right of the photo itself. Some of the images are over 25MB in size so are definitely not suitable for viewing on mobile devices over a data network. If you want to download the full set of images then drop me a mail on and I will send you a link to a compressed file where you can download them all in one go.

The gallery is password protected so you will need to get in touch with Marivi or Pablo to get the password. Though a small hint for you: El padrino del pequeño Pablillo! All in lowercase. You can get to the main gallery here. The gallery is also set up for uploads so if any of you at the matanza want to upload your own photos to this gallery in their original format then you can do it by using the following link. This method is much better than Facebook as it ensures the photos remain in their original high quality format. If you have any difficulty with the upload then let me know and I will help. The uploader is in English so may not be suitable to everyone. A big thank you to my trusty assistant on the day, thanks Nacho! Until next year! :-)

Make Up Session - "Baila Conmigo" dance group - Sonia

Recently I was part of a team of professional makeup artists in which we had a reasonably big challenge, we had to do the makeup of all the components of a dance group called "Baila Conmigo", a dance group from the beautiful city of Córdoba, who had travelled to Cabo Pino in Torremolinos for the finals. Their goal of reaching the final in the dance competition came true, for which they had fought so hard. The group was formed of a large number of components, children and adults, men and women. Name of the dance was "Le Paradise de l'amour". The theme of the makeup was based on the film "Moulin Rouge".

For girls and women, we used a very intense makeup because, on stage, between the distance and lights, the colours are weakened so, all makeup had great intensity to look good from far away. Black smokey eyes and shadows surrounded by red and roses, both above and below the eyelid. Eyelashes to enhance the look and shiny stones around the outside of the eye to provide the finishing touch. For lips, deep red, combining beautifully with applied color shadows was used.

For boys and men, the theme of intensity was also used. Smokey black eyes, intensifying the shadows. We finished the makeup with two small black lines also finished in a circle just above each eyebrow.

It was a great experience with a great team of colleagues, excellent people that wanted to win everything... what else could you ask for?

Is it actually that difficult to take photos of our nearest star...?

The Sun at 400mm, f/11 and 1/8000s with 32,768x ND filtration - notice the sunspot clusterOK, first up, this article is solely for those of you who want to photograph the sun with a DSLR. Telescopes and solar filters will not be discussed here. So if you are one of those individuals and have a camera and a reasonable telephoto lens and are not quite sure how to safely take photos of the sun then read on, this article will cover everything you need to know!

The sun, even though it is so readily available as a subject to photograph, it is a very tricky subject to do correctly. Very simply, if you are not careful and do not follow some basic precautions you could seriously damage your eyesight or even worse go blind altogether. Living in Málaga in Spain, we have the sun almost all year round. Sunglasses are essential over 300 days of the year but do you think you are safe looking at the sun with a pair of Ray Bans? Definitely not and I do not recommend you try it. The sun, without exception, is the brightest subject you can possibly photograph and its relative brightness goes . . . . . . read more . . . .

Make Up Session for Logana Tocados y Complementos - Sonia

My last undertaking in this profession was a makeup session with Logana Tocados y Complementos, directed by Elia Sánchez, a true professional.

The models with whom I shared this afternoon were Yessica Sola, partner in makeup and hair, but acting as a model this time (who took up the challenge gallantly) and Carolina Ruiz, future bride with whom I met just that same day, though by the end of the session it was like we had known each other for years, the beauty of this profession I suppose. Photos were taken by Pepe Luque, professional and friend. It was a pleasure to be surrounded by so much experience and so much positivity.

For Carolina´s makeup, I chose natural tones. We started checking her skin tone, which was very clear, and tones of the accessories that she would use. For eye shadow, pink and light purple combined well with her pretty blue eyes, finishing marking her eyes with black pen well blended to give a very natural “look”. Lips were given various shades of pink with a subtle gloss finish.

For Yessica’s make-up, I based this a tone darker than Carolina´s skin, using stronger colours. Brown eye shadows were blended together and black "eye liner" was used to accentuate her almond-shaped eyes. For the lips we used a dark pink colour, which Yessica uses normally when going out so she looked very comfortable.

Doriane Photo Session - Benajaráfe, Málaga - David/Sonia

Doriane, originally from the Avignon region of France, but spending a large chunk of time in Málaga, contacted us about doing a photoshoot last year. We were only delighted to do this so we got about organising the type of looks Doriane wanted and set about looking for locations to suit the looks Doriane was after. In the end Doriane decided on some classic background based indoor shots in the studio, a skater look and then a soft nature based look to finish, which we shot in a forest near the studio. I am a bit late updating the blog with the photos from the shoot unfortunately. Apologies Doriane, the day job sometimes gets in the way of the more fun stuff :-(.

The studio shots were taken using light and dark backgrounds with a three-flash setup, one to light the background, one as a hair light and the last as the main source of illumination. Make up was kept simple and natural for these photos. Light browns were used for the eyes to accentuate Doriane's lovely honey-colored, almond-shaped eyes.

For the skater based photos, we chose a colorful graffiti backdrop. At the time of shooting it was in direct sunlight and the sun was quite high in the sky. This meant we had to use direct, unsoftened flash set manually at full power to iron out the hard shadows caused by the sun. In terms of the make up, Sonia gave Doriane a more pronounced look with dark smokey eyes using darker browns and blacks complementing this with contrasting red lips.

The final setting of the shoot was in a forest local to the studio and as the sun was low in the sky it meant we had some lovely light to play with. I used the trusty Lastolite softbox as the source of illumination with the 70-200 lens and a 3-stop ND filter to give me the depth of field I wanted to take advantage of the lovely colours all around. Shooting in wooded or flowered environments really adds depth to a photo which is why they continue to be one of my favourite places to take photos.

We have included a few select photos from the shoot below. You will also find some more on the Imagen-Estilo Facebook Page. Soon we will be create a dedicated page for Doriane's photos, those from this last shoot and also as a place for those from the next one ;-). I have also put the original, high resolution images in Doriane's online gallery though you will need to get the password from her to access them. You can get to Doriane's HiRes gallery here. Some of the images are over 25MB in size so not suitable for viewing on mobile devices over a data network.

Equipment Used: Nikon D800, SB-910 x 3, 85mm 1.4G, 24-70mm f/2.8, 70-200 f/2.8, PocketWizard Flex TT5s and Mini TT1, Lastolite EZYBOXs, Honl Filters.

Carmen Martin Photo Session - El Pinarillo, Nerja - Sonia

Recently, I collaborated on a photo shoot with model Carmen Martín and photographer LM Gomez Pozo. The session was held in "Pinarillo", a natural park close to Nerja providing a nice backdrop of browns and greens, tall pine trees and the rustic outdoors.

Carmen chose clothing in keeping with the surroundings so I also opted for similar outdoor colors for her makeup. For her eyes, I outlined the structure with brown blending well with shades of similar tones from one of my favorite palettes from the "Naked" range from Urban Decay. Black eye liner was used to provide the almond shape for the eyes.

Mascara, also black in color, was used and complemented with well-defined eyebrows. For lips, I opted to start with a light brown tone, and then switched to intense red which contrasted nicely with the color of her blonde hair. A great day with a fantastic team in a wonderful location. Definitely an experience to be repeated! You can see more of Carmen on Carmen's Facebook Page. You can also check out photographer LM Gomez Pozo's Facebook Page.

Birgitte's Birthday - La Castilla de Santa Catalina - Sonia/David

Last weekend we were in the spectacular Castilla de Santa Catalina in Limonar, Málaga for the birthday of Birgitte. Birgitte and Keld (Birgitte's husband) are from Denmark but spend a lot of time in Malaga and decided to host the party in Limonar as it is one of Birgitte's favourite spots around Málaga. And what better place than to host it in the exclusive Santa Catalina with beautiful panoramic views of Malaga bay.

Weather wise, things didn't look too good, which was a bit of a disappointment given the amazing weather we have had in Málaga recently, but the sun decided to show's its face later on in the evening. Sonia arrived before the party to look after Birgitte's hair and make up, then I arrived just as the party was starting for some photos. For those at the party, you can check out the full resolution images and download them from the gallery. The gallery is password protected so you will need to contact Birgitte and Keld to get it.

If you have a birthday, a party, or another family event on the horizon and need make-up, hair or photographic services, then drop us an email with the details and we will get back to you.

Alameda Theatre Malaga – Maribel y la Extraña Familia - Sonia

January passed, I had the pleasure of working as a makeup artist at the charity gala sponsored by “Teléfono de la Esperanza” where the theater group "The Wagon" interpreted the play "Maribel y la Extraña Familia" by Miguel Mihura in the beautiful Teatro Alameda in Malaga. The play is a comedy, full of joy, positivity and laughter.

There were plenty of characters to make up. For the male faces, foundation matte powders were applied to avoid glare with the stage floodlights. For the female faces, which were of different ages for roles such as prostitutes, ladies of finer culture (!), and those of service, the intensity of makeup and colors were adjusted to suit each performance. Unfortunately I’ve no high quality pictures to add, because of the low light in the theater (and lack of David!).

Martha Photo Session - December 2013 - David/Sonia

We were in the studio and out and about recently photographing the very beautiful Martha Barilari from Málaga. It was a 5-theme shoot with themes such as Annie Hall, Olivia Newton John, Jessica Rabbit, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and finishing off with a Geisha look, with a sophisticated twist. It kicked off about 10:30 and went all the way through to 7PM so it was a pretty busy day, but great fun and one to be repeated.

I was looking after the photography while Sonia was on make-up duty. Sonia MissKafeina was in charge of the multiple different hair styles required and what a fantastic job she did, alternating according to costume in minutes. One thing though, if you ever have her over to your house, make sure you have plenty of coffee, her alias ain't just for show! You can check out her caffeine-rich website here!

The wardrobe was provided by stylist Carmen from Los Zapatos Que Sean Rojos. Carmen is a super person to have on a shoot, not just for the massive wardrobe she brings along and her speed at modifying an outfit to suit, but her personality is just awesome and you can be guaranteed there will never be a dull moment. Finishing off the team on the day was Oscar who provided the videography (and nationwide technical support). Oscar, a graphic designer and a keen japanese performance car enthusiast helped out with the off-camera flashes for the outdoor parts of the session.

Sonia looked after Martha's make up for the five different themes. The first, Annie Hall, was based on the naturalness of the face and aimed to highlight Martha's eyes with a little brown shadow applied. For the brow bone, the tone was again a light shade. Lips were done in "nude" tone with clear gloss.

Second: Jessica Rabbit: Sonia wanted to stress the structure of the eye with dark brown shade. Clear tone was again applied to the eyelid and brow bone. The make up was finished off with very deep red lips and high cheekbones.

Third and fourth: Grease and the Cat on a Hot Tin Roof: Here Sonia used the same makeup. Highlighting with dark smoky eyes and lips with a pink gloss clear finish.

The final theme, the Geisha, this makeup was the most different of all. A purple color with water color paint was used to highlight the structure of the eye and shimmery purple shadow was used on the eyelid. Lips with a pink hue and an intense gloss finish were added to match.

Photo wise, we started off with the simple stuff first, a straight-forward, plain-white Lastolite vinyl background provided the backdrop for the first studio setup. This was lit with a flash to get a nice high-key effect. I used another flash gelled with a Honl Rust filter for the hair light and then the main flash was located in a Lastolite softbox. That was the setup used for the second photo below.

We then moved on to the Jessica Rabbit theme. The goal here was that "Femme Fatale" look and I think we got it. I wanted the photos for this look to be nice and warm with lots of saturated colours but yet keep the skin tones nice and neutral. For this, I used a tungsten gelled flash as the main light and then a tungsten gelled video light for the fill light. Photos 4 and 8 below are highlights.

The third theme was the "Grease" theme. The outfit here was accessorised with the help of VGallery Show who provided the authentic vinyl hairpiece and the bag. We shot this outdoors using a single softbox mounted flash.

The 4th theme was that of "La Gata" and for this we were back in the studio. To make the outfit jump out a little more we decided on a pink backdrop. This was provided by gelling two SB-910s with pink filters. A single SB-910 in a softbox acted as a main light.

The last theme was that of the Geisha and was probably my favorite of the day as Martha simply pulled it off so brilliantly even though she almost got hypothermia in the process! The kimono was provided by CATs Vintage Clothing based here in Málaga. We were pushed for time on this part of the shoot as I wanted to capture the golden light of the setting sun but as things sometimes go on photoshoots we started shooting late and light began to fade. To get as much of the ambient light as possible I set the ISO on the camera to 4000 to balance the flash and ambient. In the end we just ran out of natural light. Photos 1 and 6 below are two of my favourites.

For a more complete selection of the images from the shoot, head over to Martha's December 2013 gallery. I have also put the original, high resolution images in Martha's online gallery though you will need to get the password from her to access them. You can get to Martha's HiRes gallery here. Please be aware, some of the images are over 25MB in size so not suitable for viewing on mobile devices. If you want to use some of these images for web or magazine publication then let me know. We have no problem with it once you link the photo back to our website. :-)

Equipment Used: Nikon D800, SB-910 x 3, 85mm 1.4G, 24-70mm f/2.8, 70-200 f/2.8, PocketWizard Flex TT5s and Mini TT1, Lastolite EZYBOXs, Honl Filters.

Mery SP - Maquillaje para Sesión de Fotos - December 2013 - Sonia

On December 17 last I had the pleasure of working as part of a photo shoot with photographer Jimmy Alvarez and model Mery SP. The reason for the shoot, to show off some Cherry Pop Latex designs. Mery's makeup was based on highlighting the black and red colors to suit those of the clothing. To mark the structure of the eyelid, I used the dark brown shadow " Darkhorse " from the Urban Decay Naked palette. For the eyelid I used a shade of orange tone with glitter, Montserrat Fajardo number 9. For the brow bone (just below the eyebrow) shadow pearly gloss from Oriflame was used. I intensified the color of the eyelid with black eye liner and to finish, false eyelashes were added, finishing the package and giving the eyebrows that well-defined look. For the lips I chose the deep red color of the Oriflame Giordani Gold range and ended up with a bit of clear gloss giving it that touch of sparkle that appears in the pictures below. Finally, blush brown Martora tone palette was used. Below you can see some pictures of both the "making of" and the end result.