The Big Events:


Your wedding will be captured in a reportage style with a modern posed twist. All images will be timeless yet contemporary. Your make up style on the day will take your inspiration and tailor it to suit your skin tones and eye color. The end result will be you looking your best all day.



Christenings are important family events and it is an added bonus to have those memories captured on the day. Why not go for a complete make-over too!


Communion and Confirmation

Again, these are important family events and for the kids it is a great way to look back on the day with professionally taken photographs. Like christenings, make up packs are also available.



Birthdays are always those occasions where you can really let your hair down. Apart from the obvious benefits of having a professional capture it on film, the real fun is going for that complete make over to surprise all your friends. If it is a childs birthday why not create a photo album of the big day.


Birthdays and Parties:

Here at Imagen-Estilo we love parties. They are less stress and more fun than any of the more formal events and there is no better way to go wild than getting a full makeover and having your own personal photographer record all the fun of the day. There is not much to say in terms of our service for birthdays as it is quite similar to our wedding service though on a smaller scale. If you go the whole hog, you will have your own make up artist, your own hair stylist and your own photographer to do as you please!

If it is a new look you are after, Sonia will arrange your make up trial well before the day and should require a full makeover then all the better! All in the spirit of fun as we would say. If you have a particular look you are after then let Sonia know at the trial and she will re-create it for you there and then though tweaked to suit you.

If it is a photographer you need, Dave will arrive when you want him to (though he recommends arriving for the preparation) and he will take a full photo reportage of your party with all guests and if any formal personal or family portraits are required then he will suggest the best spots to take them. Post event he will create your own personal gallery where, like our other services, you can choose to go the digital or album route.

What do I do now?

If you would like any of our party services listed above, or have your own ideas as to what you want and would like us to do it then get in touch through our contact page.